Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Training Tuesday: run date!

This week was pretty disjointed from a training standpoint. I ended up moving a bunch of things around on my training spreadsheet and this is what I ended up with.  I've kept up with my Lenten strength workouts, except I totally forgot on Sunday.  Turns out Sunday's don't count in Lent so I'm still good!

Monday 3-17-14 Plan: SWIM 45 / Actual: SWIM 1800 meters in 51:47. A hard 4 x 400m swim plus some sprints and I completely screwed up my watch so all I really have is total time.

Tuesday 3-18-14 Plan: RUN 30 & LIFT 30 / Actual: RUN 3.1 miles in my neighborhood in 30:xx (9:45 pace) and a 30 min NTC legs and abs workout that left me limping for almost a full week.

Wednesday 3-19-14 Plan: REST / Actual: REST except for Lent stuff.

Thursday 3-20-14 Plan: RUN 30 & LIFT 30 / Actual: RUN 4 miles in 42:xx (10:24 pace) while trying out 2 new pair of shoes. Then NTC 30 min arms and abs.

Friday 3-21-14 Plan: SWIM 45 / Actual: SWIM 1600 m in 43:15. This was 12 x 100 plus warm up and cool down.

Saturday 3-22-14 Plan: BIKE 90 / Actual: BIKE 24.27 miles in 90 min (16.2 mph) while I watched the movie Turbo.

Sunday 3-23-14 Plan: RUN 60 / Actual: Super fun 5 mile #blate (blogger date) in just under 50 min run with Corey (9:58 pace) plus a ton of walking around the outlet mall shopping afterwards.  

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