Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: perspective?

This morning I had a whole post written in my head after I stepped on the scale and entered my (again higher) weight into MFP.  You see, they've now added a feature where you can see your "progress" from the whole year.  That little graphic only further emphasized in me how much I've screwed up my weight this year - to the tune of over 12 pounds.

I posted something about it on FB and I was reminded by a number of my friends that I've done a lot this year that's been good. It doesn't take away the disappointment and disgust I feel over gaining 12 pounds this year (on top of already being over what my ideal weight should be), but it does give me a bit of perspective that there is more to me than the stupid number on the scale and what's written on my jeans.

Then, I saw this on FB and it made me smile because maybe my mood has to do with the fact that it's almost April and we are still getting snow.
Photo: Andrew Storm, I think we should just move!
Who's with me?

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