Monday, March 17, 2014

Shamrock Shuffle 10k @shrinkingjeans #racereport

I went into this "race" not really knowing how I wanted to run it.  This "race" being the virtual Shrinking Jeans Shamrock Shuffle 10k.  I've only been running about 10 to 12 miles per week with no real speedwork training, so expecting any sort of a fast run or heaven forbid a PR was pretty much out of the question.  I woke up super early (like 3 am early because of stupid thoughts running through my head) and laid in bed until about 5.  Had some coffee and put some St. Paddy's sparkle in my hair.  Then I headed to the gym.
LOVE my SparklySoul headband!
I found my favorite treadmill (if one can really have a favorite) and set up my Virtual Run app to run through Central Park and started my tunes.  The treadmill did not want to get started so my first mile was super slow.  By the 2nd mile I was pretty sure a sub-60 10k was out of reach.  I hit the 5k mark in about 30:58 and figured my 10k would be somewhere in the vicinity of 61-62 minutes at best.  Then, I started to try to do math in my head to figure out what kind of negative split I'd need to pull off to go sub-60.  I decided to just keep cranking the speed every 1/2 mile or so until I couldn't hold on anymore.  At 58 minutes and 6 miles on the dot, THE DAMN TREADMILL WENT INTO COOLDOWN!!!  I don't know about you, but going from 7.2 mph to 4.0 mph in about a second is NOT a good feeling.  I kept forcing the speed up through the last .2 miles and managed to come in at 59:10!!!!

This wasn't a PR but was VERY close - my PR is 58:59 and was from a very hot, humid and hilly race last year.  I'm thrilled I was able to push myself and pull off such a great run.

Splits: 10:47, 9:49, 9:38, 9:17, 9:01, 8:52, 1:45 (8:45 pace for last .2)

  blurry cuz I was a bit shaky
The older gentleman on the treadmill next to me might have looked a bit concerned at my appearance when I finished, but I assured him I was fine :)

I managed to celebrate in true Bari fashion with a delicious beer for lunch.  Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Did you race this weekend?

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