Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Pay It Forward

I'm taking a break from my usual programming to highlight a very remarkable young man.  My good friend, Corey, over at Learning Patience has an 8 year old nephew who has taken compassion to a whole new level.

8 year old Cayden wanted to raise $60 to pay off the delinquent lunch accounts of some of his classmates.  He didn't like that they were only given a cheese sandwich because they had no money in their accounts.  He took back cans, asked friends and family for donations, and within a couple days he had that $60 to pay off those accounts plus add some extra in so his friends could have a real lunch.
credit - Corey's blog
His story has snowballed from there.  Local and national news stations have picked it up and he was on the Today show yesterday.  You can read more about Cayden on Corey's blog here and on the Today site as well.

As of yesterday morning, Cayden has raised OVER 14 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!  If you are interested in helping provide a hot meal to a child at school, please consider giving to this incredible cause.  1 dollar can provide 2 hot meals to a child who might not otherwise eat at all that day.  20 dollars can pay for a month of lunches.  You can donate through Cayden's FundRazr site.

I'm so thankful for kids like Cayden.  We should all be so lucky to know someone that compassionate.  Thank you, Cayden, you are an inspiration!

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