Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Training Tuesday

This was an ok week of training, but not spectacular.  I missed some workouts because of work and what I did on a few days was half-assed because I was sick.  I still managed to get in at least a few minutes of strength training every day as well as a great 10k on the TM on Saturday, so at least there's that.

Monday 3-10-14 Plan: RUN 30/LIFT 30 - Actual: LIFT for about 10 minutes.

Tuesday 3-11-14 Plan: BIKE 90 - Actual: BIKE/RUN brick that was an epic fail.  BIKE 60 min for 16.24 miles then RUN 1 mile in 10:42.  The run was horrible and I quit.

Wednesday 3-12-14 Plan: SWIM 45 - Actual: RUN 3 miles in 30:xx (10:08 pace) plus 15 min of abs.  I felt like I needed to redeem myself after Tuesday's horrible attempt at running.

Thursday 3-13-14 Plan: RUN 30/LIFT 30 - Actual: Only my Lenten LIFT stuff for about 10-15 min.

Friday 3-14-14 Plan: SWIM 45 - Actual SWIM 1600 in 46 minutes.  I actually stuck to the plan.

Saturday 3-15-14 Plan: RUN 60 - Actual RUN 6.2 miles in 59:10 (9:32 pace), my Shrinking Jeans Shamrock Shuffle virtual 10k.

Sunday 3-16-14 Plan BIKE 90 - Actual BIKE 22.8 miles in 90 min (15.2 mph).  Legs were really sore from Saturday's run.

I really need to sit down with my spreadsheet and work on a more detailed plan to get my running back up where it should be. I started working on it over the weekend but it still has a lot of holes.

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