Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Training Tuesday: resting bookends

Not a lot to say this week. I ended up taking an extra rest day on Monday and switching up a couple workouts because of my schedule and wanting to take advantage of a really nice day.  In all honesty, last week had too many rest days and this week isn't looking much better with Parent Teacher Conferences screwing up my schedule.  
Monday 3-3-14: Plan SWIM 45 min / Actual REST - My neck/shoulder/back were still screwed up and after sitting at my chiro's office for my entire lunch and just getting adjusted, I didn't feel any better.  Then, I had a follow-up with my podiatrist after school and didn't get done in time to make it to the pool.  Fail.
Tuesday 3-4-14: Plan RUN 30 & XT 30 / Actual - I did a backwards brick in an attempt to make up some of my missed swim.  TM RUN 3.1 in 31 min (10:08 pace) and SWIM 1000m in 27 min.  The swim was a straight swim.  
Wednesday 3-5-14: Plan BIKE 90 min / Actual - BIKE 23.23 miles in 90 min (15.5 mph). This was also the first day of Lent and while I never give anything up, I've decided to add at least a couple minutes of strength work every day for the next 40 days.  I won't rehash them all here. 
Thursday 3-6-14: Plan SWIM 45 / Actual - I went rebel and threw the training plan completely out the window.  RUN outside and along the river for 3.2 miles in 33 min (10:17 pace). Not too shabby for my first run outside and on hills in over a month.  
Friday 3-7-14: Plan RUN 30 & XT 30 / Actual - REST. I had to work the school carnival and other than my Lenten strength work, I did nothing. Fail.
Saturday 3-8-14: Plan BIKE 2 hours / Actual - BIKE 30 miles in 2:01:20 (14.8 mph).  This was a LONG time to be on the trainer and my ass was not happy.  I'm also disappointed that I didn't average at least 15 mph but I also didn't try very hard.
Sunday 3-9-14: Plan REST / Actual - RUN 4 miles in 40:17 (10:04 pace) - I should have respected the rest day and created that bookend, but I knew I wouldn't be able to run on Monday because of conferences at school.  I mapped a route down at my sisters where we were visiting while my BIL taught my girl some more car maintenance, and headed out for 4 miles.  I was really discouraged by this run, but I'm trying to get past that.  I am getting stronger and my base and speed will come back eventually.
So, if you were counting, that was actually 2 rest days where I usually only take 1.  I need to get up earlier on the days when I might have after school conflicts so I don't miss so many workouts.  I just really hate getting up early.  Now, I'm also getting sick.  It looks like this coming week is going to be trashed as well.
Are you a morning or afternoon exerciser?

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