Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Training Tuesday: too much too soon

This week I learned the oh-so sucky lesson of trying to do too much too soon.  I feel like I'm falling apart and my podiatrist gave me snake eyes when I said I ran 7 miles on Friday.  Basically the knee pain and foot pain I still have is totally my fault.  I think next week's post will show even more completely blank days, which sucks out loud.
Monday 2/24/14 - Plan SWIM 45 min / Actual SWIM 1 mile in 43 minutes (obviously, I'm never going to swim anything longer than a sprint tri since I'd never make the time cuts)
Tuesday 2/25/14 - Plan BIKE 90 min / Actual BIKE 23.6 miles in 90 minutes (15.7 mph).  Happy to see my speeds improving on the bike.
Wednesday 2/26/14 - Plan RUN 30 & XT 30 / Actual RUN 3.1 in 30:29 (9:50 pace) & XT Arc trainer 1.62 miles in 30 min.
Thursday 2/27/14 - Plan SWIM 45 / Actual POOL WORKOUT 1250 m kicking since my shoulder was all messed up in 45 min.
Friday 2/28/14 - Plan RUN 30 & XT 60 / Actual RUN 7 miles in 1:13:00 (10:25 pace). I completely screwed up this workout. Got confused on how long my total workout was supposed to be (I was thinking it was only 75 min) and pushed the run much farther and harder than I should have.  I'm still paying for it.
Saturday 3/1/14 - REST.  This rest day was supposed to be on Friday but because of other time commitments on Saturday, I flipped them.  I should have probably tried to keep the schedule the same because I didn't have enough rests between 2 hard runs.
Sunday 3/2/14 - Plan BIKE 120 / Actual BIKE 15.2 miles in 60 min.  Epic fail.  My neck/shoulder was still very screwed up and I should've taken another rest day.  Instead I struggled and ended up back at the chiro on Monday.

I saw my podiatrist on Monday afternoon and he say "GO SLOW!" but that I could keep running.  He wasn't overly concerned about my knee yet and just said to keep tabs on it.  The doc made a few adjustments to the orthotics and told me to order a new pair of Newtons in a 1/2 size larger to see if that will help some of the toe issues I've started having.  Of course, they're backordered so it will be a couple weeks before I can try them out.

Clearly, I'm in love with my Newton Running Gravitys and I can't wait to try the 2014 Gravity III.  It looks totally different than my current Gravity so I might be scrounging later for a new pair of 2012s but I'm willing to give this update a shot.
2012 Newton Gravity
Newton Gravity III

Pretty radical update, huh?  What's your favorite running shoe?

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