Friday, April 4, 2014

Fitness Friday: swim product I love!

A few weeks ago, Beth over at Discom-BOB-ulated Running posted about the issue of Triathlon Skin.  She's a badass when it comes to triathlon and the chick really knows her stuff.  Anyhoo, she talked about the itchy, dry skin some of us get when we swim a couple times a week.  I have been DYING after my pool swims (seriously, I wonder if I'm allergic to the chemicals but I have no where else to swim so I'm stuck).  Beth suggested these products from TriSwim.  

I ordered the body wash and lotion from Amazon and ZOMG MY SKIN DOESN'T ITCH!!! The products also smell amazing and help get rid of that nasty chlorine smell that tends to stick around no matter how long you shower.  I'll be ordering the shampoo and conditioner next.  

(I haven't been asked to review this product and no one gave it to me for free.  I just love it and wanted to share in case any of my readers have the same pool-skin issues I do.)

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