Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Training Tuesday: the vacation edition

This past week was spring break for me and my kids, so we loaded up the van and traveled south in search of warmer weather.  We found it and if you read last week's training post on doing what scares you, you saw a bit of what I did on vacation.  Since I have 2 weeks to recap, I'll try to be brief.

Monday 3-31-13: Plan LIFT 30 min / Actual LIFT 60 min and then my arms fell off.

Tuesday 4-1-14: Plan BIKE 30 and LIFT 30 / Actual BIKE 8 miles in 30 min and LIFT probably around 15 min of abs. Zero desire to workout so I logged this as a win on Daily Mile.

Wednesday 4-2-14: Plan RUN 4 miles / Actual RUN 4 miles at 9:55 pace (just under 40 min).  This was a beautiful spring day and one of those runs that made me think I might still be a runner. Only strength work was a 60 sec plank for Lent.

Thursday 4-3-14: Plan REST (driving day for vacation) / Actual 15 min LIFT (abs) for Lent.

Friday 4-4-14:  Plan REST (more driving and visiting with friends) / Actual 15 min LIFT (squats, lunges and abs in the hotel room) for Lent.

Saturday 4-5-14: Plan RUN Black Mountain 10k / Actual RUN Black Mountain 10k in 1:12:xx (11:35 pace and my worst 10k EVER).  This was crazy hilly and hard through the mountains near Asheville, NC.  Since my Garmin is not currently able to talk to my computer, I have no proof of the hills, so maybe it was really flat and I was just being a pussy.  Unless I get a new computer, we'll never know.  I'll write a race report eventually because I took some really pretty pictures.  I also managed a plank for Lent.

Sunday 4-6-14: Plan REST (more driving) / Actual 2 mile recovery walk in 30 min before we hit the road for South Carolina's beaches. 

Monday 4-7-14: Plan REST / Actual RUN x 2!  The weather in Charleston was looking much better for running the Cooper River Bridge on Monday instead of Tuesday and I'm so glad I swapped the days.  First run was a 2 mile, pre-dawn run on the beach (23 min at 11:42 pace).  You'll notice my vacation paces SUCKED but that was me enjoying the surroundings and probably all the shit I ate and drank combined with warmer temps and humidity.  Goal wasn't pace though, but having fun.  Next run about an hour later was the Cooper River Bridge.  5 miles round trip in 54 minutes (10:50 pace).  There are pictures in my what scares you post that I linked above. Then for Lent I embarrassed my kids by doing pushups and tricep dips outside of the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier at Patriots Point :)

Tuesday 4-8-14: Plan RUN / Actual REST plus Lent workout in the hotel room (fitness center was packed because it was pouring).  I also took a very short walk on the beach in the rain. Twas lovely.

Wednesday 4-9-14: Plan ??? / Actual RUN 6.15 miles (68 minutes or so and 11:01 pace) with Sarah and Dimity from Another Mother Runner!  This was beyond fun and really a highlight of my trip.  Sarah and I meandered around the historic districts of Charleston and along the Battery while Dimity did some speedwork.  We talked running, kids, beer, you name it! The hour+ flew by and I wish we'd had time to run even longer. The rest of the day was another 3-4 miles of walking around Charleston with the family and then my Lent workout consisted of an ice bath in the Atlantic and some stretching and planks. My feet were DONE.

Thursday 4-10-14: Plan REST before our long drive / Actual WALK 20 min in the ocean at sunrise and then pushups and planks in the hotel room.  I really want to move to the ocean.

Friday 4-11-14: Plan REST for more driving / Actual BIKE 10 miles in 38 min on the scariest of hotel uprights and then 15 min of 2 circuits squats, lunges, planks, bird dogs in the hotel gym for Lent.

Saturday 4-13-14: Worked the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon expo for Another Mother Runner.  So, unless you count moving boxes, being on your feet for most of the day, and connecting with women as a workout, then I rested :)  This was actually incredibly fun and even though I was exhausted by the end of the night, I can't wait to do it again.  Being an Ambassador for Another Mother Runner is truly an honor.

Sunday 4-14-14: Plan RUN 7 or 8 miles / Actual RUN 13.1 miles in 2:42:40 (12:25 pace) at the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon. Yep, I signed up at the expo and ran a half marathon completely untrained.  I managed to run 8.1 miles, run another mile with a potty break, and walk the other 4 miles by running 2 miles and walking 1 mile.  Race report is coming.  I really hate seeing that 12:25 pace, but it is what it is.  If you take out the walk breaks and potty stop mile, I did the 8.1 at about a 10:25 pace so I didn't suck completely :)

Any fun spring break workouts you'd like to share?  16 oz pint curls totally count.

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