Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIAW: aka Why I gained 6 pounds on vacation

Yes, it's Wednesday, and that means it's weigh-in day.  Rather than bog everyone down with the numbers (it was 6.4 pounds up on Saturday but I'm down 4 since then), let's take a look at the reasons WHY....
A stop to tour the city a bit and eat at West Sixth Brewing Co.
10k race at Pisgah Brewing and breakfast at Early Girl.
Amazing fish tacos at Rita's, Lagunitas on the beach at
my hotel, and breakfast at Lost Dog Cafe.
She Crab Soup at Noisy Oyster (I died and went to Heaven), bottomless
mimosas the size of my head at Toast, and dinner at
Southend Brewery and Smokehouse.
Late dinner after many hours of driving at Bluegrass Brewing Co.
So, I should probably be glad that the damage was only 6 pounds and the fact I've already lost 4 of it means most of it was bloat, but still.  Wow.  If I hadn't run almost 20 miles on vacation (not counting Sunday's half marathon), I'm sure it would've been much worse.

Have you ever had She Crab Soup?  Do you even know what it is?  If I lived anywhere near fresh seafood, I'd be trying to learn how to make it.

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