Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Training Tuesday: Not Sure What Happened

From the picture there, you'd think last week was a pretty good week.  In some ways it was.  In other ways, it just sucked.  I'm sitting here writing this post after yet another frustrating conversation with my podiatrist's office so forgive me if I don't elaborate on anything. I'm so fed up and wondering if I'm really supposed to be a runner or if that part of my identity is going away.

Monday 4-14-14 (I like the palindromes this month) - Plan 30 min BIKE and 30 min LIFT / Actual BIKE 10.4 miles in 30 min (those gym spin bikes WAY over estimate my speed) and LIFT 35 min of arms and abs.

Tuesday 4-15-14 - Plan REST / Actual STRETCH - did lots of stretching and rolling throughout the day.

Wednesday 4-16-14 - Plan RUN 4 miles / Actual RUN 4 miles in 40:xx (10:01 pace).  Had a weird, emotional meltdown at the 2 mile mark.  I must've needed it.

Thursday 4-17-14 - Plan SWIM 30 and LIFT 30 / Actual I got invited to a girl's night out event so I just did a 10 min walk and then LIFT 30.  Didn't burn nearly enough calories but the GNO was fun so it was worth it.

Friday 4-18-14 - Plan RUN 4 miles / Actual RUN 8 miles in 1:28:xx (10:58 pace).  My daughter had a track meet scheduled for Saturday so I moved my long run to Sunday.  Dummy me forgot it was Easter, so I flipped my Friday and Sunday runs.  This run was painful and full of suck. I tried out some different run/walk intervals to see if they would help but mostly my legs were just shit.

Saturday 4-19-14 - Plan REST or BIKE / Actual REST plus walking around my daughter's track meet.

Sunday 4-20-14 - Plan RUN 8 / Actual BIKE 12 miles in 45 min (15.9 mph).  My knee was still bothering me from Friday's run so I played it safe and did an easy ride on the trainer.

So, it wasn't a horrible week of training but mentally (and physically) I'm really struggling. I feel like I'm getting worse instead of better.  I want the magic pill that will make everything all better.  Pretty sure there isn't one.

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