Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Training Tuesday: rolling with the punches

I learned how to use the snipping tool this week! So proud of myself :)
This past week was a bit of a struggle.  I'm still dealing with a sore knee and heel (that actually hurts more in my ankle) and a doctor who has basically told me to suck it up and train through the pain.  He did make some adjustments to my orthotic and offered a couple other suggestions, but the suggestions sort of pissed me off.  Why did I spend hundreds of dollars on orthotics if you are going to tell me a $30 arch strap thing that you ALSO sell might work just as well.  Shouldn't we have maybe started there????

This was my first week of my new, re-vamped training plan and I managed to get in most of my week's workouts but not to an intensity that I'd like.  Heading into spring break week where I know my workouts will be minimal makes me feel like I really slacked this past week.

Monday 3-24-14: Plan 45 min LIFT / Actual 45 min LIFT upper and lower body.

Tuesday 3-25-14: Plan RUN 4 miles / Actual RUN 4 miles in 44 min. A horrible run by many standards.

Wednesday 3-26-14: Plan 30 min BIKE and 30 min LIFT / Actual LIFT 40 min  and gym BIKE 11.6 miles in 30 min.

Thursday 3-27-14: Plan RUN 3 miles / Actual RUN 3 miles in 30 min (9:54 pace) on the TM. Another sucky run.

Friday 3-28-14: Plan 30 min LIFT and 30 min SWIM / Actual LIFT 45 min and SWIM 900 m in 23 min.

Saturday 3-29-14: Plan REST / Actual REST (plus a couple Lent strength moves)

Sunday 3-30-14: Plan RUN 6 miles / Actual RUN 6 miles in 1:05:xx (10:57 pace). I was dehydrated but the day was beautiful and I took on some hills. Even though my pace sucked, I'm fine with this run.

You won't get a training update next week because I'll be on vacation.  Don't miss me too much.

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