Monday, April 28, 2014

Motivation Monday: a serious question

I spent a good chunk of my weekend trying to figure this thing out.  I'm all about the spreadsheet and needing to have a plan.  If I don't have an end result on the schedule, it's hard for me to feel like I'm working towards anything.  I plugged in some races (currently the RBR relay, Fitbloggin 10k and RnR Chicago are the only ones I'm registered to run).

You'll see a triathlon on that schedule.  A friend who knows me very well asked whether I felt obligated to do a triathlon or if I really wanted to be a triathlete.  It's a great question.  Answering honestly, I'd say it's more obligation.  I spent a shit-ton of money on a bike (but in the grand scheme of tri-bikes, not really that much money).  It forces me to cross train.  But the fact is, I don't love it.  Triathlons stress me the f*ck out.  I'm a crappy swimmer, afraid to bike in traffic, and a mediocre runner.  Yes, I can complete all 3 events, but if I don't enjoy it, why am I doing it?

I think because of injuries, I'm questioning my status as a "runner".  I also know that without a ton of very specific training, I will not be a "swimmer" or a "cyclist".  I don't have the skills and frankly, there's too much fear there.


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