Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Race Photos and Running Form

Just when I thought I was still maintaining a nice, mid-foot strike even with all my foot injury BS, the Gazelle Girl photos came out.

I wasn't planning to show them to anyone because OMG the fat, but here are 3 that show I've clearly gone back to heel striking and I have zero bend in my front leg.  This will most definitely be discussed with the podiatrist later today, but in the meantime, I'd love some suggestions from all of you.
Early in the race so I'm still fresh. I was running a 10:30 pace here.
Note the front heel. GRRR

Through Riverside Park - around mile 9.
Pace around 10:40.
At the finish, heel striking at an 8:51 pace.
I know how to put the horse in the barn, but not
how to do it right.
So, friends and runners...what do I do about this?  Accept that heel striking (and the knee pain I have because of it) is now my fate?  Go back to trying to run mid-foot in shoes/orthotics that aren't designed for that?  Try going back to my old Newtons that taught me mid-foot running?  


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