Monday, September 22, 2014

Motivation Monday: #womenruntheD goals crushed!

This past weekend I ran the Detroit Women's Half Marathon and represented Another Mother Runner at the race expo.  It was a fantastic time and I promise a full race recap when I catch my breath.

I set 5 goals for race weekend - in no particular order:

"Meet as many women as possible at the race Expotique.  One of my favorite parts of this ambassador gig is getting to connect with other runners, especially women who are running their first 5k or half marathon." - Done!  I can't even count how many women talked about this race being their first 5k or first half.  The great thing about women's races is seeing how many different ages, shapes and abilities show up.  It's very inspiring.  Jenn and I stayed until we saw some of the last girls come in on the half.  Major props to them!

"Be the sales girl with the mostest :)  Yes, I'm selling merchandise for Another Mother Runner so if you are coming to the expo, please find Jenn and I in booth 12 and shop your little heart out!" - We definitely tried!  Jury is still out on this one. 

"Treat Sunday's half marathon as a training run.  I did a great job of this at the Bridge Run 10 miler last weekend and I'm hoping to repeat again on Sunday.  The goal is a negative split, which is very tough for me, but I have a plan and I'm going to stick to it." - BOOM!  

Check out these stats!  I've never finished ranked so high in my AG or pulled off a negative split like that.  

"Enjoy my girl's weekend!  I'm bringing one of my BRFs and Fred Relay teammate, Jenn, along for the ride and we are both very much looking forward to some girl time." - Most definitely!  I mean, seriously, where else are you going to climb on a stripper pole but on the shuttle bus heading back to your hotel after running a great half and pounding 2 yummy beers?

"Have fun!!" - Done and Done :)  so much fun that re-entry to reality is going to be a bit tough today.

How was your weekend?  What goals did you crush?

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