Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weigh-in Wednesday: #WIAW too much "ish"

My diet has been less paleo and more paleo-ish lately.  I've reintroduced some grains but have stayed primarily gluten free.  Seems I can't even have rice flour or corn without gaining weight.  Thanks to this lax eating, I gained 2 pounds this week.  I also was sick as a dog for eating my hamburger on a real bun the other night.  

Lesson learned.

I did make a very healthy dinner last night.  Roasted chicken (I took the skin off to eat it), steamed veggies and a plain sweet potato.  I also had a glass of wine and a salad (the dressing wasn't paleo - Olive Garden Italian has cheese in it and "bad" oil but it was what I had that wasn't cream-based).
What isn't pictured is what I had AFTER dinner.  2 more glasses of wine, a GF brownie and a small scoop of ice cream.  Celebrating the first day of senior year for my kids shouldn't include me I guess because even though I tried to be healthier, it was still cheating.  Now I have half a pan of brownies and a container of ice cream taunting me.

Brownies and ice cream are my Kryptonite.  What's yours?

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