Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 15

I had a pretty decent week, with the beginning starting rocky but an incredible long run on Saturday.  The good definitely provided redemption for the past couple weeks of crappy runs.

Monday 9/1/14 RUN - 7 miles (5 easy, 2 medium) - I wussed out and used a friend's TM because I was sick of the humidity. This wasn't a great run (averaged 11:07) but I got through it.

Tuesday 9/2/14 STRENGTH-ish - Saw my chiro for a very sore ankle and he diagnosed more glute/hip issues.  It's crazy how something that doesn't even hurt results in pain somewhere else.  I now have a bunch of exercises I can't really do right and I spend time doing those instead of the TABATA I was supposed to do.

Wednesday 9/3/14 RUN - 7 miles (averaged 11:07 again - at least I'm consistent???). This was supposed to be a progressive and it sorta was but then it wasn't.

Thursday 9/4/14 STRENGTH - stretching, rolling and a few pushups.  I"ve started doing Kintetic Revolution 30 day challenge based on a friend's recommendation.  It takes a lot longer than I wish it did, but hopefully it will start fixing some of my strength and flexibility issues.

Friday 9/5/14 STRETCHING more KR.

Saturday 9/6/14 RUN I crushed my 16 mile run with a 10:58 average pace.  Switched my intervals to 5 min run/:30 walk and it was perfect.  Helped the weather cooperated, too.

Sunday 9/7/14 WALK and STRETCH - I've loved my Sunday morning active recovery walks.  No watch, just a meandering walk to sbux and home.

This coming week's schedule is a little goofy because I'm running a 10 mile race on Sunday.  I need to make an effort to get more actual strength training in, too, instead of just KR.

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