Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon T - 3 weeks!

Oh my word - less than 3 weeks to go and I'm going to be running THIS!

I have one more week of hard running and then it's taper time (although since I don't do well with an extended taper and I haven't been running 4-5 days per week, it won't be quite like a "normal" taper).  This past week went fairly well, with my 4th 20 miler completed.  I think when I trained for Grand Rapids a few years ago, I only did one 20 miler.  Hopefully, all the longer runs this time will pay off on October 19th.  I'm planning to run a couple hills this week to get ready for that bridge at mile 3 and tunnel going into mile 8.

Training this week included:

Monday 9/22/14 - STRENGTH in the form of a 40 minute tabata workout
Tuesday 9/23/14 - RUN 5 easy plus strides watchless in about 57 min (10:57 ave pace)
Wednesday 9/24/14 - STRENGTH 30 minutes
Thursday 9/25/14 - RUN 6 mile tempo in the dark in 1:01:25 (10:14 ave pace)
Friday 9/26/14 - REST
Saturday 9/27/14 - RUN 20 miles in 3:49:10 (11:27 ave pace)
Sunday 9/28/14 - REST and EATING ALL THE THINGS

I really need to work on those eating all the things days.  Just because I run 20 miles does not entitle me to stuff my face and drink all the beer.  The scale so rudely reminded me of that Monday morning.

Anyone who reads this running a fall marathon?  How has your training been going?

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