Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon 1 month to go!

It occurred to me as I was running Sunday's half marathon that my full was 4 weeks from that day.  GULP!  I'm definitely feeling confident one second and completely panicked the next, which sounds about right for marathon training.

This week went pretty well.  I wish I could say my foot feels fine all the time but it doesn't.  I'm just dealing with it and accepting it is going to hurt to run.  It is what it is.

Monday 9-15-14 BIKE 11 miles in 44 minutes (14.8 mph) - I put the bike back on the basement trainer and I can really tell I've lost all my biking mojo.  Guess that's what running does :)

Tuesday 9-16-14 RUN 4 miles plus 4 strides (ave 10:43 pace) And "easy peasy" run as I titled in on DM.

Wednesday 9-17-14 Just 30 min of stretching and rolling mostly.

Thursday 9-18-14 RUN 6 mile with 4 at tempo.  "Couldn't hit the prescribed tempo paces but I averaged a 9:59 pace, so I'll take it.

Friday 9-19-14 Zip.Zilch.Zero. - Drove to Detroit to set up for the Detroit Women's Expo, so if carrying boxes and lifting suitcases counts, then a did a tiny bit.

Saturday 9-20-14 Again, a big, fat zero.  But, I was on my feet for a lot of the expo so there's that.

Sunday 9-21-14 RUN 13.1 miles in 1:77:44 (10:30 pace).  I ran a beautiful negative split and had a great time at the race.  This was half number 13 and ended up being my 3rd fastest.  Not too shabby for a training run.  Full race report will be coming!

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