Monday, September 17, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Normally I post these recaps on Tuesdays, but tomorrow I have a very special guest blogger (hint-hint: she just became an Ironman!) so I'm posting W&D stuff today.

Monday 9/10/12 - Run: 4 treadmill miles (2.5 mile tempo). Kept my tempo pace just under a 10m/m. Still not convinced I could keep that pace outside.  Saw the chiro & massage therapist again after school & I'm making good progress getting healthier.

Tuesday 9/11/12 - Strength: 40 minute arms and abs circuit.

Wednesday 9/12/12 - Run: Yasso 800s. 2 mile warm up/cool down in 22:06 (11:03 pace), then 2 miles of 1/2 mile repeats (4x800) with a 4:30 rest in between sets. Averaged a 9:09 pace.

Thursday 9/13/12 - Nothing, except that planking vlog :)  

Friday 9/14/12 - Biking: 10 miles in 42:40 (14.1 mph).

Saturday 9/15/12 -  Run: 7:03 miles in 1:18:33 (11:10 pace but ran a negative split). Longest run since injury.  I still think my long runs are too slow (they are a full minute longer than what I want my 1/2 marathon pace to be). Hopefully the speed work and tempo runs will help come race day because I can't seem to hit the 10's much at all on these long runs.

Sunday 9/16/12 - Biking: 22 miles in 1:44:27.  Biked from Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, north through 2 towns and all the way to Rockford on the White Pine Trail.  The trail was a little congested in spots, but overall this was a nice ride.  I'm looking at a 25 mile group ride next month & wanted to make sure I had the distance in me.  I might need some cushier bike shorts by then, though.  The tri shorts left some serious chaffing, even with the use of my Hoo-Ha Ride Glide.  

So, overall a really good training week for me.  My shin is barely noticeable anymore and my knee is doing much better as well.  Crossing fingers and praying that I don't end up with any other stupid injuries between now and November 10th.

How was your week? Run any cool races this weekend?

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