Friday, September 7, 2012

Fitness Friday: Fitting It All In

I won't lie. The start of the new school year (and now this dumb knee issue) have put a serious kink into my Wine & Dine half marathon training. The kids are busy with sports (3 dive meets already!) & friends (plus already a ton of homework that I can't help them with anyway).

Today I'm getting a massage in the hopes it helps my knee feel a bit better. My workout plan for tonight was to bike afterwards, but there's a home football game & the kids have to march. It's also supposed to rain. There goes my biking plans since I don't have an indoor trainer yet.

My bigger dilemma is what to do tomorrow. The chiro wants me to try & run a short, easy run & see how the knee responds. Here's what is happening tomorrow:
7:30 drop off K in the next town over for an invitational meet.
8:00 drop off my van at the dealership because it's dying a slow death.
9:30 Head back to the town where K's meet is taking place
All afternoon - CMU/MSU football game & party at a friend's house.

When do I run? My thought is to run home from the dealership - it's 3.2 miles. This would be no problem if I trusted my body to not be broken. The sad fact is that I don't.

Do I risk it? Do I run home from the dealership & hope my knee cooperates for 3.2 miles?

I can just keep repeating that to myself for the 40 min or so the run will take me. Right?

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