Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Training: Week 4

I wish I had more to report.  This last week pretty much sucked out loud for running.  My knee is getting MUCH better though, so next week should look a little brighter.

Monday 9/3/12 - Biking 7.8 miles in 34 minutes.  13.7 mph wasn't too bad.  Biking hurt a little, especially whenever I had to stop and restart at a cross street because I always start pedaling with my right leg.  The knee/quad didn't like that very much.

Tuesday 9/4/12 - Biking 12 miles in 50 minutes.  Holy hell is was hot out but I really pushed and averaged 14.5 mph - even with all the street crossings!  I was one hot, sweaty mess when I got finished.

Wednesday 9/5/12 - Saw the sports chiro today and he adjusted the frak out of my knee, tibia and ankles and did some ART on my shin/calf. Didn't really address the quad issue. Decided with as sore as I was from the adjustment that I'd call that my workout for the day.

Thursday 9/6/12 - Swimming 1000 yds in about 33 minutes.  The time was great today considering I did a ton with just the kickboard to work on my legs.  

Friday 9/7/12 - Massage - one of the most painful, deep tissue massages I've ever had.  In the therapist's words, I was a "train wreck" and she said I was lucky I didn't tear my quad with as tight as it was wound.  Lots of work on my quads, planar fascia (yes, I'm dealing with that too), calves, shins and glutes. This was definitely a workout even though I didn't do any of the work.

Saturday 9/8/12 - "Long" Run 2.9 miles in 32:37. Had to take my car in to the shop (where they found NOTHING wrong with it even though it intermittently won't start - so frustrating).  I ran home from the shop as a test for my knee.  It felt OK. Lots of stretching, rolling and icing later, followed by lots of beer while we watched football.

Sunday 9/9/12 - Core and stretching for 40 minutes. Range of motion in the knee is much better.

A disappointing week as far as running goes, but part of training is listening to your body and taking care of it when it's injured (or taking care of it to prevent further injury).  I'm definitely feeling better today, so my next week of training should look up. 

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