Monday, September 10, 2012

Motivation Monday: Morning Workouts

This is when I got to the gym this morning (I woke up at 5am):

I knew today would be crazy after school & I wanted to get in another run to test my knee before this afternoon's chiro & massage appointments. My girl needed to be at school at 5:45 for swim/dive practice so I figured I could take her, get to the gym, get in my 4 mile run & be back home in plenty of time to shower & get to work on time.

That didn't exactly happen.

The coach was late so we waited in the parking lot of the HS for awhile before enough kids showed up & she was willing to wait outside with them. By the time I got into the gym & onto a treadmill it was almost 6:10 (I'm supposed to do some rolling/stretching before I run). My workout took 45 min & then I forced myself to do a little bit of foam rolling & stretching before I headed back home.

Needless to say, I BARELY made it to work by 8:10 and I didn't have time to eat breakfast (thank God for click protein drinks). I'm not sure I want to try & pack clothes, hair stuff, makeup & deal with all that to get ready at the gym.

I think morning workouts could work if I'm in at the gym by 5:30/5:45, otherwise I feel too rushed. This will definitely be the case as my mid week runs get longer. Maybe hubs will be getting K to morning practices after all. I have to admit, though, getting my run out of the way before most people were even awake for work felt pretty darn good.

Are you a morning/before work exerciser? How do you schedule the morning?

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