Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: week 10

I can't believe I'm 10 weeks into training for Bayshore and less than 3 weeks away from my next race.  Time flies when you're workout out almost every day :)  This week was a pretty decent week and was capped off with an amazing long run, so I'm happy with it. After last week's crappy runs, I needed some success this week.

Monday 3/18/13 - Plan RUN 2 miles (11:08 pace) - Did RUN 3.1 miles in the sleet and rain in 34 min (11:03 pace).  The run was pretty much a clusterf*ck with the weather and the paths I was planning being closed, but I got it done.  

Tuesday 3/19/13 - Plan Swim (30 min) - Did SWIM - 1/2 mile in about 22 min / STRENGTH - arms and abs for about 30 min. 

Wednesday 3/20/13 - Plan RUN (5 mile tempo inc w/u, 3 miles at 9:31, c/d) - Did RUN TM Tempo. Covered the tempo in about 50 minutes total with the tempo portion right around a 9:30 pace.  Got up extremely early for this and felt tired and crappy the rest of the day.  Pre-dawn runs are not my friend but I knew it wouldn't happen if I didn't get up and for this I'm proud of myself. STRENGTH - 30 min of abs and rolling.

Thursday 3/21/13 - Plan RUN 2 miles (11:08 pace) / STRENGTH 30 min - Did BIKE - a quick 20 min spin on my lunch hour.  It was an ok 5 miles.  

Friday 3/22/13 - Plan REST - Did BIKE - Completed the JellyBean virtual 21k bike ride (13 miles in a very slow 1 hr 4 min).  Just spinning out the legs mostly.

Saturday 3/23/13 - Plan RUN 8 miles (11:08 pace) - Did RUN 12,1 miles in 2 hrs 4 min (10:17 pace).  This run absolutely ROCKED.  I ran negative splits and finished feeling fantastic.  I wish I could say I continued to feel fantastic, but my stomach pretty much revolted by the time I got home.  

Sunday 3/24/13 - Plan BIKE (45 min)  - Did BIKE 45 minutes.  It was eh.  Legs were toast.

I realized this morning that trying to blend my half plan with a 25k plan is more complicated than I thought.  I also learned that I can't read my own spreadsheet.  I clearly need help.

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