Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Hills #runchat

Yep. Today I'm giving thanks for hills. Now, if you know where I live you know it's pretty freaking flat.  However, lately I've been trying forcing myself to run some hillier routes. Partly it's because they tend to be the plowed roads and sidewalks while my beloved paved trail won't be clear until all the snow melts.  Anyhoo....This was my route yesterday:

Check out that red line - that's the elevation change :)
And this was my time:

Hills really do make you stronger!

Now, I have another hilly run on Saturday.  8 miles are on the schedule and I'm running somewhere I've never run before.  Thankfully, the run is NOT on the mountain bike trails like I originally thought but still on hilly roads.  While I'm liking all this hill training, I'll also be thankful when I can have a nice, easy, flat long run.  But for now, I'm embracing the hills. 

Is it flat or hilly where you live? Do you welcome some route changes every now and then or stick to your familiar paths?

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