Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday: and I was doing so well

This was NOT what I wanted to see when I stepped on the scale this morning. (Caution - don't read if you don't like f-bombs.)

Starting Weight (11-28-12): 153.6
Last week: 145.4
This week: 146.0
Change: up .6
Total change: down 7.6

I could make a ton of excuses: I was at a conference on Saturday and Monday and ate what they served for lunches (but didn't snack which for me is huge), I went out for dinner a couple times this weekend, did more snacking at home (but on almonds and these fancy raisins that don't taste like the gross little black raisins), I didn't work out hard enough.  Whatever.  The fact is, I gained this week and it fucking sucks. And before anyone goes "but it's only 1/2 a pound" take a look at the last two months and you'll see I've only lost about 5 pounds and just over ONE pound in the past 4 weeks.  That, my friends, is bullshit, when you are really trying.  For Christ's sake, everyone on Biggest Loser this week lost over 10 pounds in two weeks WHILE AT HOME and I can't lose a single pound. (For shit's and giggles, I calculated what I would've needed to lose to be safe at the "5% in 2 weeks" challenge at it would've been 7.25 pounds - basically what I've lost since fucking NOVEMBER!)

The graph looks all pretty with it's nice downward slope until you look at the numbers on the sides.  That's pretty fucking pathetic, IMO (and before you blast me for being upset about weighing 146 pounds, keep in mind I'm just over 5 feet tall - this is NOT a good weight for me).  If I'd shown you a screen shot of the past month it would look even worse.  I have people criticizing the amount I'm eating and saying I'm not getting enough calories. Obviously that's not true if my weight is either maintaining or going up. I'm pissed.  I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong and why my body hates me so much.    

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