Friday, March 22, 2013

Fitness Friday: #runchathunt #runchat

So, a couple weeks ago, the awesome guys at #runchat came up with a running scavenger hunt. Runners could vote on what they wanted to find and as we all ran during the last half of March, we were to snap pics of items that made the top 10 & post them to Twitter & Instagram. Each tweet containing the hash tag #RunChatHunt is an entry to win awesome prizes.

I went out on the first weekend for my 10 mile run & knocked 9 off the list! It was a pretty crappy run and I seriously think it was the hunt that kept me going.

Easy one - "race sticker" on my own van :)
"a bridge"
"hills" - around me, all I have are rollers and this run was full of them.
"Christmas decorations still up!" - I was shocked to find this one.
"Letters on signs to spell RUNCHAT"
"Welcome to....sign" - I actually ran in and out of 2 towns on this run.
"Trail Marker"
"A scene from one of your favorite run locations" - this is the trail near my house and my usual running path.  That white stuff on the ground is actually ice.
On Monday, I headed downtown to get the last item on the list - historical landmarks.  Grand Rapids, MI has a TON of historical landmarks and on my 5k route along the Grand River I hit up 2 of them.  3 if you count President Ford's grave site.
"Historical Landmarks" - 6th Street Bridge, President and Betty Ford's grave sites,  Valley City Milling Company.
Personally, I think I should receive bonus points for the crappy conditions I ran in for both of these runs!  Ice on the 10 miler and rain/snow/slush on the 5k - can I just say how OVER winter I am?  But, this is March in Michigan so next weekend it could be 50 degrees and sunny.

Overall, this was a really fun project.  Seeking out items on the list made the runs more enjoyable and helped take my mind off the nasty weather.  Did any of you participate in the Runchat Scavenger Hunt?  If you did, leave a link in the comments if you blog about it - I'd love to see what you found in your neck of the running woods.

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