Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: week 8

This past week was pretty stellar on a number of levels.  I'm starting to wonder if I need to rethink all the training paces (for the "easy" and "long" runs) in the plan I'm following and just start running by feel, because I feel pretty freaking amazing right now.  I'm noticing that the faster I run, the less pain I have.  I don't know if it's just my magic shoes (I really think the Newtons have special powers and I'm running in them exclusively now) or if I'm just getting stronger and finally moving past my injury - which seems completely crazy but I don't know how else to explain it. Am I running 100% pain-free? Not exactly.  I still have a little shin soreness here and there and my calves/ankles are getting used to the Newtons, but from where I was a year ago at this time, I'd say I'm 85-90% better.

Monday 3/4/13 - Plan RUN 2 miles (11:10 pace) / STRENGTH (30 min) - Did RUN 3 miles in 32:02 (10:40 pace) because I felt really good and didn't want to stop at 2 miles and STRENGTH 15 min arms and 15 min abs.

Tuesday 3/5/13 - Plan SWIM (20 min) / STRENGTH (30 min) - Did BIKE 10 miles in 45 min and STRENGTH 15 min of abs.  I wanted nothing to do with getting in the pool.  I really still don't.  Maybe as summer gets closer and so does tri season, I'll be more motivated to swim.

Wednesday 3/6/13 - Plan RUN (4 mile tempo inc w/u, 2 miles at 9:26, c/d) - Did RUN 4 miles in 37:27 (9:21 pace).  I'd had a really emotional, sad, messed-up day and just needed to get out of my head.  I hit this pace on a hilly loop near my house and felt so much better when I was finished.  One of the responses to the picture I posted of my watch was "Holy Shit!" and that really made me smile.  I think this was my fastest 4 mile run EVER and while I don't advocate running pissed and frustrated, sometimes it just works. Finished with STRETCHING for 20 min and some ab work.

Thursday 3/7/13 - Plan RUN 2 miles (11:12 pace) / Bike 40 min - Did BIKE 10 miles in 43 minutes.  No run.  My legs were pretty wrecked from the hard 4 the day before and the thought of a brick made me shake.

Friday 3/8/13 - Plan REST - Did REST

Saturday 3/9/13 - Plan RUN 8 miles (11:12 pace) - Did RUN 8 very hilly miles in 1:20:41 (10:05 pace).  I completely crushed this run and aside from a little shin soreness that night, I felt pretty freaking good.  I had no plan to run this as fast as I did and I even had enough gas at the end to run the last mile in 9:36 - it was my fastest mile of the morning!

Sunday 3/10/13 - Plan BIKE 45 minutes - Did BIKE 10 miles in 46 min.  This ride frustrated the shit out of me.  I rode intervals while I watched GLEE and I was a sweaty, hot mess at the end, but my average pace was only 13 mph.  I can't figure out why I'm riding so slow on the trainer and I'm worried when it's time to move outside, I'm not only going to be worried about clipping in and out (which I'm terrified of) but also that I'm going to be so slow that I'm not going to want to do the tri I'm registered for.  I don't go out thinking I'll win or even place, but I KNOW I'm better than 13 mph on my road bike, so why am I sucking so much right now?

Anyway....besides one shitty bike ride, the week was pretty awesome.  I just hope to stay healthy and keep running as great as I have been.

How was your training this week?  What is your next race?

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