Friday, May 25, 2012

Fitness Friday: the holy sh*t edition

So you've decided you are going to do a triathlon & are pretty sure your heavy hybrid bike isn't going to cut it. You go to the bike shop & look at an entry-level road bike.

Then you have a stroke when you look at the price. Ok, so maybe the old bike will be fine after all.

Then you go to your local running store to look at tri shorts & shirts.

You try on a bunch of shit & then vow to not do your tri until you've lost 20 pounds & don't feel like barfing at the sight of your fat squeezing out everywhere. Or just that you'll throw a sports bra on under your ugly 1-piece, toss on shorts & a team sparkle skirt after the swim, and hope for the best.
The downside? I left today's shopping excursion feeling like shit.
The brightside? I didn't spend $1000 on gear today.

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