Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday: three quickies

Only a couple minutes to post this morning so you get quickie bullet points (you can thank me later)
  • I'm so freaking excited and scared out of my  mind for my mud run on Sunday. The best part will be getting to run walk it with Erin and Ally! Plus beers the night before with Erin will ROCK. I've decided on my race-day outfit and I'm hoping it's as warm as the weatherman is predicting or I'm literally going to freeze my ass off.
  • I spent about 8 hours out of my boot yesterday!  Probably a little bit too much because it's a touch achy today so I'll adjust today's schedule.  I'm wearing the boot this morning but I'm walking to the movie theater this afternoon for a school field trip so I'll be ditching the boot for my trusty Asics at lunch time.
  • Only 13 more school days until summer vacation!!!!  This means I'm 13 days closer to all the craziness planned this summer (multiple camps for the kids, driver's training for them OMFG HOLD ME, and a vacation out east for me)!
Are you looking forward to summer vacation?  Any awesome trips planned?

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