Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tri-Training Tuesday: week 1

Yep, it looks like I'm going to do that sprint tri in August provided my healing goes well (I won't register until the last possible moment).  I figure I might as well put all this swimming and biking to good use. To help keep myself accountable, I'll be posting my training each week on Tuesday.  I welcome any feedback and suggestions you could give as this is totally foreign to me :)  Until I can start running, I'll be subbing in extra biking or swims, and beginning to add in some elliptical work as I can.

So here we go...May 7 - May 13: Week 1 is in the books!
Monday: Planned OFF - Swam 1/2 mile in 24:50
Tuesday: Planned 15 min run - Biked 30 min (11.3 miles)
Wednesday: Recumbent bike for 20 min (3.3 miles & hated it), strength train 30 min with NTC
Thursday: Swim 1/2 mile in 23:24, mixed strength training 30 min
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Planned run 15 min but instead I spectated my missed 25k race.
Sunday:  Planned 20 min bike - Biked 30 min (6.1 miles) Happy Mother's Day to me :-)

I might be tweaking this plan just a bit.  This coming weekend I have the mud run, so I will be "swimming" though a giant mud puddle instead of a pool on Sunday :) Also, Sundays are very busy for us and it will be hard to get longer workouts in.  Luckily, I only have about a month left of school and the training doesn't get really time-consuming for awhile.  I also have a week's vacation right in the middle of training, so who knows what I'll do for that week.  Maybe an open water swim or two in the Atlantic???? *gulp*

What do your workouts look like lately?  Any fun races on your schedule?

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