Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 Things Thursday

Some Thursday randomness today since I posted on things that make me smile yesterday.

  1. Since I'll have my first DNS at the 5/3 River Bank Run 25k, I'm scoping out places to spectate (and praying for good weather for both runners and spectators).  I know a lot of peeps running and for ease I think I'm going to camp out near the start/finish lines.  This way I get to see Morgan kill it in the 10k (this chica is my comeback-from-injury inspiration!) as well as Megan (running her 1st 25k!), Pete, Keith, and Angie blow away the 25k. (If you are running or coming to GR to spectate, let me know so I have someone else to cheer for/see!)  With as fast as all my friends are, I shouldn't have to wait very long to use the beer ticket I'll get in my swag bag. Now, the big question is whether I'll ever wear the really expensive shirt.
  2. I'm starting to really like dresses but today I'm wearing pants.  I'm planning to watch my girl's track meet tonight and hoping I can get to all the spots on my little roll-y scooter. 
  3. My right calf is now 1/4" smaller than my left calf.  I'm officially a freak.
Have you ever spectated a race?  What's your go-so spectating item?  A cowbell, sign, sunscreen?  Give me some suggestions!

Oh, yah, 1 more thing - I just hit over 85000 pageviews on this blog since I started it.  Why aren't you all commenting????  Stop lurking and SAY SOMETHING ALREADY :)

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