Friday, May 11, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Back in January, I envisioned today going like this:
• Going to the 5/3 River Bank Run expo full of excitement & dropping a bunch of money on sport beans & gu.
• Hydrating myself with water & Nuun until my eyeballs float.
• Eating a great pasta and protein dinner.
• Pinning my race number to my carefully chosen race outfit complete with Team Sparkle skirt.
• Going to bed nice & early to get up at the butt crack of dawn to run the shit out of tomorrow's 25k.

Instead, this has been my day-before 25k:
• Went to race expo to pick up my really expensive (but very nice) race t-shirt and hobble around sullenly without buying anything.
• Consumed about 4 oz of water today, no Nuun. I've been hydrating with Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade & iced tea from McDonalds.
• All I've eaten is my usual protein shake for breakfast & a burger from Sonic for lunch. I'm at a track meet so dinner will probably be a hot dog or some popcorn.
• I'll dig through my swag bag later for my beer coupon and put it in my backpack. Screw the number and who knows what I'll wear tomorrow.
• I'll go to bed whenever & sleep in a little bit, but still head downtown in the morning for the River Bank Run.

Even though I can't run, I can still spectate the SHIT out of those races.

Good luck to all of my friends racing tomorrow. I'll be the one in the boot screaming her head off at the finish line.

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