Monday, May 14, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

As I write this, I'm enjoying relaxing after a Mother's Day bike ride and I'm planning to send hubs out for groceries later since I've been walking around A LOT on my healing leg this weekend and, frankly, it's sore.  Here's what we are planning for dinners this week:

Monday: Tortilla pizza for the kids & portabella mushroom pizza for me (I make it similar to this).

Tuesday: Skillet Lasagna, garlic bread, salad

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken, asparagus, fries or tots

Thursday: Tacos and taco salad (use ground turkey to make it healthier)

Friday: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad

Saturday: I'll be out of town hanging with Erin and getting read for the Mud Run!!!, the kids and M are on their own.

Sunday: I'm "running" the Down and Dirty Mud Run today! Not sure when I'll be back in town but dinner might just be a pizza :)

What's on your menu this week?

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