Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weighing Heavily On My Mind

Do you see the problem here (other than the fact that someone as short as me should not be this heavy)?  This up and down shit has to stop. 
I haven't posted anything like this here in a very long time (so please be kind).  I'm doing it today to start making myself accountable.  I won't be posting my weight every day (nor will I be weighing every day) because that would make me more than a little nutty, but I'm going to start posting it again every week.  I'm also going to start tracking again.  I think that week up there where I lost 3.6 pounds was (a-after the 1/2 mary weight came off, b) I tracked religiously, and c) some kind of fluke).  I started tracking already today though!

I have no idea what my goal weight should be at this point (or even target calories - 1197 was calculated by DailyPlate based on me selecting "lose 1.5 pounds a week").  I was holding right around 138 for a few years, up until around the marathon last October, so I don't know if I should shoot for the 130s again or what.  I have my annual physical coming up in early June and I REALLY do not want to be in the 150s when I step on that scale (but I only have a few weeks before that appointment so in all likelihood I'm going to hate what I see there).  I also have a beach vacation coming up in July and at this point there's no way in hell I'll be wearing my bikini but I'd like to get the confidence back to wear it again.

Right now, how quickly I'm recovering (or not) from my injury is a bit out of my control.  I see the doctor again this afternoon and I really hope I can get out of this boot. In the meantime my goals are to start loosely following the tri plan I posted yesterday (Thanks for all your comments, btw. I will not be following it exactly but it's giving me a guidelines for the swims and biking at least and I have a very experienced triathlete friend working on the plan with me.) and I will track my food as consistently as I can (hopefully hitting at least 5/7 days a week with 90% accuracy).

Anyone want to join me in this?

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