Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tri-Training Thursday & Sports Med Follow-Up

This week's training was a bit different.  It was a "recovery" week so there weren't as many workouts.

Here's how May 21-, 2012 played out!
Monday: Planned OFF 
Tuesday: Planned 20 min - Completed 5 minute run on treadmill and 15 min "run" on elliptical for a total of 1.9 miles.
Wednesday: Planned 20 min swim - completed 800 in 25 minutes (a very sucky swim).
Thursday: Planned 30 min strength - Completed 40 min ab and arm workout that left me a puddle on the gym floor.
Friday: Planned OFF - Completed Saturday's 20 swim workout as 800 in 28 min nice and relaxed.
Saturday: Planned 20 min swim - Hung out at K's track meet for 10 hours and sprinted between events once. I wish I'd worn a pedometer because I walked all over the dang HS campus.
Sunday: Planned 30 min bike - Completed a 38 min, 7.26 mile bike ride, including some real roads without sidewalks and hills!

I'd say this was a pretty successful training week.  Nothing too crazy and the one crappy swim didn't send me into a tailspin or anything.  

I had a follow-up appointment with my sports med doctor yesterday.  It had been 3 weeks since I'd seen him and he wanted me to try a couple of short runs before meeting with him yesterday.  He didn't tell me to go out and run a 5k on Memorial Day, which is what I did and had some bona fide soreness/mild pain. Lesson learned.  

The recommendation is to begin next week with 3 1-mile runs and each week bump up the miles by .5 until I get to 3 3-mile runs without pain.  If I have pain, I need to skip the next run (or do it on the elliptical). On the days I'm supposed to run for my tri training, I'm to start with the miles he's prescribed and then finish the time on the elliptical.  I think I'm comfortable with this plan.  The hard thing will be listening to my body and being patient.  He also wants me to get in to my sports chiro for some ART therapy because my ankle and opposite hip are really tight and I feel "off" from being in the boot.  Hopefully he can get me in next week after school gets out.

Are you training for any cool spring or summer races?  

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