Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bayshore Half Training: week 14

This week was pretty much a disaster.  I'd come off of a HUGE PR at the Martian Half the weekend before and rather than go easy on my runs I just jumped right back into the training schedule.  It was incredibly stupid and a huge rookie mistake.  I should know better but because I was dumb and didn't give my legs a chance to rest, I may have completely screwed up my chances for decent runs at the next 3 races I have on the schedule. I'm now dealing with a very pissed off hamstrings and calves.  I'm waking up with leg cramps and they just feel shredded. It's totally my fault and I'm pretty much beating myself up over it.  I'm sad.  I'm worried about ending up with another serious injury like last year.  Worrying and being upset is what I do so please don't tell me to relax or just go out and have fun with my runs.  Going out and having fun wasn't the goal when I started training for Bayshore.  PRing the crap out of it was.  Who knows what will happen now.

Monday 4/15/13 - Plan RUN 3 MI & STRENGTH (:30) - Did RUN 3.1 miles easy with no watch.  Looking at the clock when I was done put it at about 33 min (10:40 pace).  My legs were heavy and my calves hurt during the run.  Skipped the strength work. 

Tuesday 4/16/13 - Plan SWIM (:20) - Did WALK 26.2 minutes (1.8 miles) for #Boston at lunch the STRENGTH (:30) after school.  

Wednesday 4/17/13 - Plan RUN 5 MI tempo incl middle 3 at 9:22 pace - Did RUN 5 MI tempo with middle 3 at 9:22 pace (overall 49 min and a 9:50 pace).  My hamstring started to hurt early in the run and so did my calves.  I stopped several times to try and stretch but I had it in my head that I was getting 5 miles and faster didn't hurt any worse than slower so I kept pushing.  This was incredibly STUPID and I could barely walk when I got done.  I ended up icing my hamstring when I got home.  How pathetic that one stupid run may have fucked up everything for the next 5 weeks.

Thursday 4/18/13 - Plan RUN 2 MI/STRENGTH (:30) - Did NOTHING but stretching and rolling. Got into the chiro for a massage and she beat up my legs for the full hour.  Lots of trigger points and it hurt so much that there were a few times I actually got queasy.  I left that appointment very sad.

Friday 4/19/13 - Plan REST - Did REST - Plus some more stretching and rolling, but pretty much everything hurt - stairs, regular walking, everything.  

Saturday 4/20/13 - Plan RUN 10 miles - Did BIKE 18 miles in 1:37:32 (that would be slow as fuck if you want to do the math)/STRETCH (:15).  What a sharp contrast to my PR 13.1 miles the weekend before.  I thought I was over being injured and needing to swap out biking for running, but I guess not.  

Sunday 4/21/13 - Plan BIKE (60) - did NOTHING but stretching and rolling.

What a difference a week makes.  Last week I was riding a great post-race PR high and this week I"m wondering how I'm going to pull off the next 5 weeks and still finish Bayshore with a smile on my face.  I'm feeling defeated and I haven't even lined up at the starting line yet.  It's like last spring all over again.

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