Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bayshore Half Training: week 13

*note - I wrote this post on Sunday, before all of the events unfolded in Boston yesterday and I considered not posting the original post at all.  I'm incredibly sad and my heart is breaking for the individuals who were injured or lost their lives yesterday afternoon, for their families, and for all of the people of Boston.  It's absolutely unfathomable to me that this occurred.  It makes no sense to me and I'm sure never will.  I will (in all likelihood) never run the Boston Marathon, but I know what it feels like to train and pour your heart and soul into something you love.  I know how proud I am when I watch friends and loved ones reach a goal - whether that goal was to run a block or 26.2 miles.  The fact that those events were occurring when the unthinkable happened just breaks my heart.  However, I know that the running community is strong and we support each other.  Watching footage of runners heading TOWARD the blasts to help those injured is just a testament to that strength.  The evil that occurred in Boston yesterday will not win.  I know a number of people personally who were in Boston yesterday, either running or spectating, and I'm giving thanks to God tonight that they are all ok.  "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" Romans 12:21

I'm wearing my 2011 GR Marathon shirt today (my only 26.2 - it's ironic that it's also one of my only blue/yellow race shirts - the colors for Boston), sending out love and #PrayersforBoston.  If you have a race shirt - any race shirt - wear it today in support and love for this amazing running community that is like a family to so many.*

It looks like this was both lucky and unlucky week 13 for me.  I got really sick so the vast majority of my workouts did not happen, but I did manage to do something awesome on Saturday, which also happened to be a 13th :)  "8" has always been my lucky number, but that might change now.

Monday 4/8/13 - Plan RUN 4 MI speedwork incl w/u, 2x1600 at 8:55 w/800 jogs, c/d - Did RUN 4 miles speedwork.  Hit the TM before work not feeling 100%. Hit the paces but really struggled and averaged a 9:45 across the workout.  Realized I was sick. 

Tuesday 4/9/13 - Plan SWIM (:20) - Did NOTHING 

Wednesday 4/10/13 - Plan RUN (3 miles)/STRENGTH (:30) - Did NOTHING

Thursday 4/11/13 - Plan BIKE (:30)/RUN (2 miles) - Did NOTHING but a tiny bit of rolling.

Friday 4/12/13 - Plan REST - Did REST - Plus a little walking around the race expo and some stretching and rolling.

Saturday 4/13/13 - Plan RUN 13.1 miles - Did RUN 13.1 miles in 2:10:36 (9:58 pace)- I set a HUGE new PR at the Martian Invasion of Races Half Marathon.  You can read all about it here if you missed the race report yesterday.  

Sunday 4/14/13 - Plan SWIM (:20)  - Did BIKE (:30)/Stretch and Roll (:20).  Needed to try and work out some of the soreness in my legs.

So, my disastrous beginning of the week turned out to be pretty awesome.  I had no intention of Martian being my "A" race for the year, and I guess it still isn't, but I'm starting to re-think my goals for Bayshore.  I figure I'll talk about them in the next 5 weeks or so.  For now I just want to recover from Martian and get ready for the 25k I have coming up in less than 4 weeks.  Again, not going in as a huge PR quest, but it would be nice. 

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