Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: Week 12

Another week down and still feeling pretty good other than this horrific cold I'm currently rocking. Again, the game of life tried to frak up my training, but overall I think I managed to get in most of my workouts, even with spring break and a house guest, pretty well.

Monday 4/1/13 - Plan RUN 2 miles/STRENGTH 30 - Did watchless RUN 3.2 miles 31:53 (9:58 pace).  I was still feeling pretty drained from Saturday's long run and tried to run this "easy".  Apparently my easy pace is what my uber fast pace used to be.  

Tuesday 4/2/13 - Plan SWIM (:25 min) - Did BIKE- With my house guest, getting to the gym for a swim was tough, plus I had to take a trip to Chicago for the day, so the trainer it was.  Just under 10 miles in 45 minutes.

Wednesday 4/3/13 - Plan RUN (5 mile tempo) - Did RUN 5 mile tempo in 46:55 (9:21 pace average, including the 1 mile w/u and 1 mile c/d).  Not sure where this came from, but I'll take it!

Thursday 4/4/13 - Plan RUN 2 miles / STRENGTH (:30) - Did CORE - I tried to do a core circuit and ended up quitting after 30 minutes.  It happens.

Friday 4/5/13 - Plan REST - Did BIKE - 11 miles in about 58 minutes OUTSIDE!!!  My daughter and I went for a nice (but freezing) bike ride.  I rode my old hybrid because the roads and my nerves aren't ready for my road bike and new pedals.

Saturday 4/6/13 - Plan RUN 9 miles - Did RUN 9 miles in 1:31:20 (10:08 pace).  I ran with some friends for the first half and then solo for the last half.  Lots of hills, an easy pace for 7 miles and then busted out a 9:30 and 9:20 for the last 2 miles.  Feeling pretty strong (other than the cold) about my training so far.    

Sunday 4/7/13 - Plan BIKE (60 min)  - Did Nothing.  Took a rest day.

Obviously, the training plan is still pretty much off the rails.  No swimming and the biking and strength training have been minimal.  This is what usually happens at the mid point of training for me.  I get the runs in, but the rest tends to fall by the wayside. I'm trying not to let the happen but events of the last couple weeks have been pretty crazy, so the fact I've gotten as much done - workout wise - is pretty much a victory.

I know there were lots of races this past weekend.  Did you race or do you have something coming up soon?  

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