Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday: What a difference a year makes

In the past year, I've gone from this:
That's a crack in my left tibia

And this:

Rocking Das Boot
To this:

My slowest 5k ever (May 28, 2012)
To this:

Finishing my first sprint triathlon (August 11, 2012)
To this:

My fastest 12 mile run EVER
And this:

And even this:

Who is this person???

I really believe it was all the hills in the Knoxville Half Marathon on April 1st last year that did me in so I consider that date my injury date - I waited a couple weeks to actually see a doctor - don't do this. Trust me.  I've been very reluctant to post anything related to the 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed with a stress fracture (or stress reaction, depending on which doctor I talked to).  I didn't want to jinx myself. This week I finally registered for the 25k that I had to DNS and spectate in my boot last year. I've been very cautious about verbalizing or posting any goals for my half on 4/13 or my "A" race half in May. I've been posting my training but goals have only been shared with a select few and even with them I'm scared to say a time goal out loud. I'm being cautiously optimistic. I'm also nervous as hell that something is going to go horribly wrong and I'll be right back where I was last year at this time, scooting up and down the stairs on my ass because I couldn't bear weight on my shin.

But here I am...taking a leap if faith...hitting POST...and celebrating how far I've come this year.

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