Friday, April 26, 2013

Fitness Friday: another race weekend

In the interest of doing a training run for bling, I signed up for another half marathon this weekend, the inaugural Rivertown Races Half Marathon, which was supposed to take place tomorrow in beautiful Millennium Park here in Grand Rapids.

But then the great flood of 2013 happened (the flooding was already starting but got much worse than this - these pics are from a week ago).

To add injury to insult, I managed to hurt myself literally hours after I signed up and paid my $55. I haven't run since last week Wednesday and have barely done anything else besides a couple easy bike rides, stretching, rolling and lots of Bengay.  On the plus side, my hamstrings feel about 80% and my calves are at about 70%, so I think I can run tomorrow without too much pain.

After much waiting, the race directors announced a few days ago what the alternate course would be.

This course is fairly familiar to me because it's basically the route from my worst 10 mile race ever, plus 3.1 miles - those extras are at least that flat section in the middle.

I drove the course at lunch yesterday to refresh my sour memories and it's exactly what I remembered: hills, 2 miles of rutted dirt roads, more hills, and an open out and back route on a high-speed road with no shoulder.  Awesomesauce!

one of the hills
Since most of the area where the race was supposed to be held still looks like this...

That's Johnson Park, across the street from the Grand River. made sense to move the race and I'm glad it's still being held, but I have some safety concerns with the condition of the roads and traffic.  Also, because I'm trying to stay healthy for Bayshore, my goals for this one have been radically changed.  I had no intention of racing this (then again, I didn't plan on racing Martian either and I ended up with 17 minute PR and ran a 2:10) but I also don't want to end up with a really bad race time either.  I'd like to say it doesn't matter to me but it does.  Still, I promised a few friends that I wouldn't push tomorrow and I would keep my eyes on the big prize, which is a great race at Bayshore.

So, my goals:

  • Go easy and SLOW - taking walk breaks if I need them
  • Enjoy the morning - it's supposed to be partly sunny and around 45 degrees
  • Have fun with my friends who are also racing
  • Not step in any holes on the dirt portions to avoid breaking my ankle
  • Not get hit by a car (but I'll be wearing my RoadID just in case)
  • Eat some hills for breakfast :)
Are you racing this weekend?

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