Friday, April 19, 2013

Fitness Friday AKA Flooding Friday

I have my very first "Flood Day" today.  We're off school because of widespread flooding in my area.  It's absolutely crazy and I'm praying for the people in the area who literally have lost everything because of the floodwaters.

What does this have to do with Fitness Friday?  My next 2 races happen to be directly in the path of the floodwaters of the Grand River.  The river hasn't even crested yet and already downtown is flooded.  I want to go check out the water for myself, but instead I'm staying dry and just posting some pics that others have posted to Facebook.
This is the track at our middle school.  My friend, Angie, took this pic.
I know there is an alternate course already planned for the River Bank Run 25k on 5/11 (not sure when they decide which course will be used, but right now it's looking like the alternate).  I'm not sure yet if the Rivertown Races Half Marathon (that is a week from tomorrow) has figured out what they are doing yet.

Have you ever had a "flood day"?  Ever had a race change due to flooding?

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