Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: week 11

This past week was a perfect example of life getting in the way of training (this week isn't going to be much better).  For the most part, I did pretty well getting at least the important workouts in, but will admit that some stuff just got pushed off to the side.  I'm also starting to feel the effects of training with a few niggles here and there popping up.  I just need to keep moving forward.  (You'll notice all the target paces have been removed from the plan - I'm blowing them all away so I'm going to just go with it.  If I was running them slower than planned, I'd be worried, but instead I'm going to choose to be happy about my speedy legs for the time being.)

Monday 3/25/13 - Plan RUN 4 miles - Did RUN 3.1 miles 30:15 (9:45 pace).  I apparently can't read my spreadsheet because I went out thinking I only had a 3 mile run instead of the 4 mile run I was supposed to do.  Oh well.  

Tuesday 3/26/13 - Plan STRENGTH (30 min) - Did STRENGTH - Core circuit for 50 minutes and then a 1 mile WALK (which was totally stupid and in rain/sleet/snow but I was pissed off and needed to get out of the house).

Wednesday 3/27/13 - Plan SWIM (:25 min) / RUN 3 miles - I wanted nothing to do with the pool so I just went home to run.  Did RUN 3.1 miles in 26:53 (8:40 pace).  I had no intention of running this fast but all the stress of the day needed somewhere to go.  I ran so hard that I actually puked at the end and ran my first sub-27 5k (unofficially since it wasn't a race).  The comments on DailyMile about puking were awesome and made me smile on a day I really didn't have much to smile about.

Thursday 3/28/13 - Plan RUN 3 miles / BIKE (:40) - Did CORE - a quick 20 min core workout before I needed to take care of family business.  It was better than nothing.  Obviously, any hope of an early season tri is pretty much flying out the window.

Friday 3/29/13 - Plan REST - Did BIKE - 10 miles in about 45 minutes on the basement trainer.  I needed to make up some of Thursday's missed workouts.

Saturday 3/30/13 - Plan RUN 11 miles - Did RUN 11 miles in 1:54:43 (10:25 pace).  I wasn't sure how this run would go. I'd gotten almost no sleep the night before and really wasn't sure if I should actually do the run.  I'm glad I did.  I felt strong and aside from stopping to take 1 picture, this was nearly 2 hours of continuous running at essentially my goal HM pace.  My fueling went pretty well (2 shot blocks every 3 miles) but I know I didn't hydrate enough.  Hard crash by the afternoon.  I'm hoping my race in 2 weeks goals even close to as well as my last 2 long runs.  It will really suck if I've peaked too soon like I did before Disney's Wine and DIne.  

Sunday 3/31/13 - Plan BIKE (60 min)  - Did Nothing.  I was exhausted.  It was Easter.  I needed a break.

I think I've accepted the fact that I'm not doing a Tri in June.  I'm not getting swims in and my biking has all been on the trainer.  The weather is getting better but there are still far too many potholes and loose gravel to attempt to learn my new pedals outside right now.  Maybe I'll be brave enough to ride outside after I finish Bayshore.  

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