Monday, October 7, 2013

Meal Monday: I need ideas!

So, it would appear that I've gotten into a dinner time rut.  This frequently happens this time of year because the kids are busy with activities and most dinners need to be fast and easy.  I have a whole bunch of ideas on my RECIPES page up there ^ and I should probably break out the crock pot more often.

I like Pinterest for menu ideas.  If you look at my recipe board on Pinterest, you'll mostly find desserts and booze, so I need some better ideas.
I did find this pin for 52 uses for rotisserie chicken and I have to say it has some promise, but I HATE touching the chicken to take it off the bones.  Weird, but true.  Do you have a good recipe for using a rotisserie chicken?  How do you get the chicken apart without getting grossed out?

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