Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Training Tuesday: such high hopes

This was supposed to by my highest mileage week post-injury, but I didn't count on getting sick and spending all day Saturday in bed with a fever.

Monday 10/14/13 - RUN 3.1 in 32:11 (10:22 pace), then STRENGTH - some arms and abs

Tuesday 10/15/13 - BIKE just under 14 miles in an hour. Didn't really have much oompf and I think this was the start of feeling sick.

Wednesday 10/16/13 - Didn't feel up to much.  Stretch, ice and roll for 20 min was all I did.

Thursday 10/17/13 - RUN 4.5 miles in 44:32 (9:52 average). This included two 1600 sprints at 8:5x pace, plus warm up, cool down and 800 job in between the intervals.

Friday 10/18/13 - SWIM 1400 yds in 47 minutes.

Saturday 10/19/13 - nada, zilch, zip, nothing.  Had a fever that started Friday night and stayed with me all day.  This was supposed to be an 8 mile run. Sad.

Sunday 10/20/13 - I volunteered at the Grand Rapids Marathon for about 5 hours.  I don't think handing out water counts as exercise.

Went to the doctor today and I have a sinus infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will get me feeling better soon.  I'm still running (ran today and yesterday) but I definitely don't feel 100%.

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