Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Funnies

Several months ago I backed into that light pole. Apparently others have as well because it now has lights. Granted, it was broad daylight when I did it so the lights probably wouldn't have helped.

My cat is losing her sh*t. She always sleeps in that box that we put in the bed she would never use. Yesterday she dragged it all away from the wall and started crawling under the box. She's 15 and I think a bit senile.

I have a bunch of friends running the Chicago Marathon this weekend and the Grand Rapids Marathon next weekend.  Having run one full marathon (which of course makes me an expert) I can relate with every one of these stages.  Wishing my friends fast feet and I've heard the race directors have removed the wall from both courses so you all should be great.

Give me a funny - what made you laugh this week?

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