Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday

1. My sleep is beyond broken. It's getting really annoying.

2. The staff at my school is dressing up as Minions this year. I'm looking forward to this costume and I wish I had a Halloween race so I could wear it again.

3. I'm getting my hairs did tonight after I do my swim. Probably not this short but something like this. I'm sure the salon will love me showing up smelling like pool.

4. This. Some days it's really hard to believe this but I'm trying. I'm not doing a Fitness Friday post for the reason I have nothing good to say.

5. Because number 4 was Debbie Downer & I get blasted for being negative, here's a funny cat and dog picture to balance it out.

Are you dressing up for halloween? Any costumed races coming up?

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