Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Training Tuesday: back at it

I haven't posted a training recap post in awhile because I haven't been training for anything. I'm still not registered for any upcoming races - except the Shrinking Jeans Ghostly Gallup 10k in a few weeks, but I'm starting to feel healthier and I work best from a plan.

Here's how the last week played out:

Monday 9/30/13 - CROSSTRAINING 30 minutes on the ARC Trainer and then went to PT.

Tuesday 10/1/13 - RUN 3.1 miles in 33:13 (10:40 pace).  Ran pre-dawn and enjoyed the stars, some hills, and a few sprinklers.  STRENGTH Did my PT exercises and some planks

Wednesday 10/2/13 - RUN 4.08 miles in 44:16 (10:50 pace)

Thursday 10/3/13 - OFF

Friday 10/4/13 - SWIM 1700 yds in about 50 minutes.  Felt really good and I'm planning to keep this Friday swim session as long as I can.

Saturday 10/5/13 - RUN 5.78 in 1:00:55 (10:32 pace).  My longest run in over a month!  Felt good during the run but got pretty tight and sore as the day went on.

Sunday 10/6/13 - STRETCH Did my PT exercises, planks and some stretching and rolling before I hung out on the couch and watched football.

Overall, I'd say this was a positive week back to training.  I ran about 13 miles and while I was still feeling the injuries, I'm finding the pain is less and I'm recovering faster.  This coming week I'm adding speedwork back into the mix, so I'm hoping the positive trend continues.

How was your week?  Around these parts it's marathon season - did you race or do you have a race coming up soon?

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