Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 1

I made it through the first official week of Detroit Marathon training.  It looks like I didn't have any rest days this week - oops - but the workouts weren't too hard so I'm not worried about it yet.

I'm using a training plan from Runner's World Smart Coach and this week I pretty much failed hitting the prescribed paces on the easy runs.  Basically, I'm running too fast.  Again, not worried yet but I'm going to need to reign it in once the long runs hit double digits.  

I decided to recap just the miles and paces here each week.  If you are really interested in my training, splits, or how I might have felt about a particular workout, you can always go friend me over at DailyMile.

Monday 5/19/14 - RUN Easy 3.13 miles at an 11:18 pace.  LIFT 40 minutes.

Tuesday 5/20/14 - RUN 5 mile Tempo with 3 at 10:50 pace.  WU/CD in the low 11's and Tempo miles in the 10:40s.  Overall pace was 10:53.

Wednesday 5/21/14 - XT Played 30 minutes of Glow Soccer at school. It was HARD but super fun.

Thursday 5/22/14 - RUN 2 miles at 10:39 pace (trying out the Nike Lunarglide 5).  LIFT 60 minutes.

Friday 5/23/14 - XT Walking 5 miles.

Saturday 5/24/14 - RUN Long 8 miles at 11:04 pace (about 1hr, 29 min).  I wore the Nike's for the entire run and felt pretty good. Going to keep the Nike's and see how they work out on some of the faster runs.  Again, this pace was much too fast (goal was 12:30 which isn't much more than a walk for me).  Even with walking a minute at the top of every mile I couldn't slow it down.

Sunday 5/25/14 - XT Bike 8 miles at 14.7 mph (33 minutes).  This was my first outdoor ride of the year and I spent the whole ride in fear of crashing or simply tipping over.  Clipped in is stressful, yo.

This past week was pretty easy from a training and paces standpoint (as evidenced by not being able to go slow enough on any of them or take rest days).  I won't lie though.  The paces ramp up really fast and I'm not convinced I can hit them.  We shall see.

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