Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIAW, a Weigh In, and a Funny

As I suspected would happen, between this being week 2 of paleo-ish, Aunt Flo visiting (sorry - TMI and I really hate using that as an excuse), and going out with friends this past weekend, my weigh-in was definitely less than stellar.  I'll get to that in a minute.

First - WIAW.  I think I've found just about the perfect breakfast.  I've been sauteing some veggies (today was green, red and yellow peppers, jalapeno, and shitake mushrooms) then throwing in a scrambled egg.  If I use two eggs, I can usually make it like an omelet, but with one egg it ends up more of a scramble.  Topped with homemade guac and served with a side of fruit, it's been keeping me full until at least 9:30 or 10.  Not ideal but better than starving at 9:00.  My coffee with sugar-free french vanilla Coffeemate helps with the sweet tooth.  No, it's not paleo but I don't care.

Now, about that weigh-in.  I knew it would be bad and it was. No loss but rather a 1.2 pound gain.  Sonofabitch.  Yes, 153 is better than 159 from a couple weeks ago, but I hate that I now have to lose that 1.2 again.  I was really hoping to start marathon training in the 140s but that isn't going to happen.  I still don't really know the best way to fuel for long runs when I can't have carbs and my body hasn't figured out that it has a shit-ton of fat it can burn instead.  I'll keep plugging away though. Tonight and tomorrow will be tough since I'm going out with friends and the places are not exactly paleo friendly.  Tonight is my favorite pizza place in town and my friend Laura suggested the bacon nuts.  Yes, they are paleo but I'm also trying to lose weight, so nuts mixed with bacon isn't exactly a healthy choice.  I'll probably just end up having a naked side salad tonight because the pizzas aren't gluten free and I'd rather have a beer if I'm going to cheat and have gluten.

I was in a pissy mood about the whole scale thing and trying to figure out how to handle the next 2 nights of meals when I saw this on Facebook. Yes, it's completely inappropriate but it made me laugh.  Almost as good as that damn camel.

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